Pressure Washing

Trusty Ollie pressure washes a variety of surfaces to keep them looking new and protected from further weathering and daily use damage. We use safe cleaning solutions and high quality sealers to professionally clean and safeguard your property. Below you’ll find some of our pressure washing solutions currently offered. Please Call Us if you need something washed that you don’t find here, it’s very likely we can help!

Driveways and Walkways

Driveways and Walkways are our specialty. No matter what the surface, Trusty Ollie will eliminate dirt, grime, salt deposits, algae and more. We can also seal concrete driveways and walkways after our professional cleaning to provide a “new shine” appearance. Our special process will protect from daily use and weathering and might even make the neighbors a little jealous.

Concrete Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing

Your Home’s Exterior

Trusty Ollie has perfected exterior house cleaning. We use low pressure and the highest quality washing chemicals that will safely restore your home’s look. Pressure washing is recommended every two years to keep the elements from damaging your home’s exterior. You’ll relax knowing our trained professionals are making your house new again. We Guarantee our services and we’re fully insured.

Wooden Decks

Clean. Restore. Protect. These are the core steps used for every project we plan and execute and your Wood Deck is no exception! We bring your wood back to life by removing dirt, grime, algae and more and then professionally seal it with the best sealer on the market. You’ll be amazed at the newness of our finished product! Trusty Ollie + Your Investment = Protected.

Pressure Washing Wood Deck
Pressure Washing Pavers


Washing and Sealing Your Driveway and Walkway Pavers will keep them looking like new over time and Trusty Ollie always uses specific steps to enhance and protect your investment. Our professionals use the highest quality washing solutions to remove algae, dirt, salt, and more from the surface of your Pavers. High Quality sealer is also used to protect them from weather and other harmful things that can leave them stained and discolored.


Trusty Ollie offers professional roof and gutter washing. Our technicians use a step by step process to remove unwanted algae and dirt from your roof and empty your gutter’s contents. We use Low pressure washing to safely clean whatever your roof and gutters are made of. Shingle roofs are washed with a safe cleaning solution to ensure a spotless finish.

Pressure Washing

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Trusty Ollie handles all of my home service needs for my rental property and my personal home. They do things promptly and right the first time. Great attention to detail, clean and organized! Carolyn W.

Vero Beach, FL

Trusty Ollie painted the exterior of our home. We really appreciated their professionalism and communication during the steps taken to complete the job. No detail was overlooked! Rick R.

Sebastian, FL

Trusty Ollie pressure washed my walkways and driveway and the difference this made was almost unbelievable! Mold gone, everything gone and underneath was a new driveway. Thank you! Cheryl B.

Vero Beach, FL

Big thanks to Trusty Ollie for getting my home ready to sell! The cigarette odor is completely gone, new paint and deep cleaned carpets and all done quickly and affordably. Very organized and professional results. Tammy M.

Vero Beach, FL