Professional Odor Elimination

Trusty Ollie Complete Home Services specializes in Odor Removal and only employs Certified Ozone Technicians. We Provide a “Green” alternative that removes odor while doing no environmental harm. Our industrial strength ozone generators eliminate odors in Buildings, Houses, Apartments, Offices, Hotel Rooms, Automobiles, RVs and even Boats. Wherever your odor is, we will remove it. We stand behind our Odor removal service 100%.

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How We Do It

Odor removal is actually a science. The trick is to impact the source of the odor rather than masking smells. So, professional odor removal services seeks to neutralize the SOURCE of the odor. This means that the odor will not return. In many cases, there is no one cure for odors because they migrate, embed into carpet and furniture, and coat the walls in something called a biofilm.

Trusty Ollie Odor Removal
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Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets! Unfortunately, having pets can come with significant odor problems in your home. Pet odors get into the furniture, carpets, bedding and even cling to walls and ceilings. So the entire area where a pet lives is normally permeated with odors. Pet odors inside vehicles can be even stronger because of the smaller, enclosed space. Trusy Ollie Professionally Eliminates Pet Odors and we make it quick and affordable.

Smoking Odor Removal

We’re really happy that you quit smoking! Good for you! Trusty Ollie can get rid of that unwanted and maybe even tempting smoke odor that still lingers. Smoking fumes and chemical vapors spread into almost every part of your home and car. They cling to the carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other soft materials. Microscopic smoke residue will remain on the walls, the ceiling, closets, cabinets and most other surfaces. Our Smoking Odor Elimination Process includes a second trip if we don’t completely remove the odor the first time.

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Trusty Ollie handles all of my home service needs for my rental property and my personal home. They do things promptly and right the first time. Great attention to detail, clean and organized! Carolyn W.

Vero Beach, FL

Trusty Ollie painted the exterior of our home. We really appreciated their professionalism and communication during the steps taken to complete the job. No detail was overlooked! Rick R.

Sebastian, FL

Trusty Ollie pressure washed my walkways and driveway and the difference this made was almost unbelievable! Mold gone, everything gone and underneath was a new driveway. Thank you! Cheryl B.

Vero Beach, FL

Big thanks to Trusty Ollie for getting my home ready to sell! The cigarette odor is completely gone, new paint and deep cleaned carpets and all done quickly and affordably. Very organized and professional results. Tammy M.

Vero Beach, FL

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